About Evan Carmi

I’m problem solver and builder. Technology is a frequently used tool in the box, but not the only one.

I’ve programmed on the web (mostly) since 2008. I’ve developed Django applications and I’ve developed Rails applications. I’ve configured and launched multi-zone multi-region infrastructure serving thousands of requests a second on AWS. And I’ve hired programmers.

Evan Carmi

My first entrance to technology was an apprenticeship with a computer consultant helping clients and small businesses. I built custom computers from scratch and setup software in a methodological process that emphasized serviceability. Eventually, my interests moved from building hardware to creating software. I began programming in Python and building web sites. In 2007 I wrote my first blog in Django.

In 2008 a fellow Djangonaut found me on Django People and invited me to a Django meetup. He also hired me for a contract job working with Django. Since then I’ve always been involved in a few coding projects.

A few years later, I got an email out of the blue from The New York Times. This fellow named Derek Willis was wondering if I’d be interested in working on The Times Interactive News team. I spent two summers at The Times building their 2012 London Olympics site in Ruby on Rails. I’ve created software for an award-winning professor researching Nonviolent Civil Resistance, developed a website and API for a startup, and managed a team of programmers developing software in multimedia classrooms.

I majored in Computer Science at Wesleyan University. However, that didn’t stop me from exploring a myriad of subjects. In addition to my CS courses, I studied three foreign languages, worked on a Vandercook letterpress, made a book, and took a course titled Acro-Yoga in the Age of Mechanicity. I was awarded the Michael Rice Prize for Excellence in Computer Science.

I was a Rotary Youth Exchange student for a year before entering college. I lived with a host family and attended a public Spanish high school in Collado Villalba, 40 kilometers outside Madrid, Spain. I spent a semester abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France while in university. I speak English, French and Spanish.

Send me an email if you are interested in working with me, or just to say “hello”.

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