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Ruby Refactorings Episode 1

Start with design not implementation. Let's think about how we wish the code could be, and then make it so.

How I Travel (Hack)

Tips and tricks from how I travel the world

Setting up SSL

Tutorial on creating certificates and setting SSL

Mexico City and Buenos Aires

Adventures in travel (writing)

Load Balance multiple SSL sites with HAProxy

How to make a single HAProxy load balance and between two sites which both run on SSL

Setup HAProxy stats over HTTPS

Setting up HAProxy's stats interface over secure HTTPS

Autoload boot2docker environment variables on Mac OS X

Autoload boot2docker environment variables

How to Make Calls with iPhone from Mac OSX

Browsing the web, and want to call a phone number with you iPhone with just a click? Now you can!

South America

Leaving my job, spending three months in South America, and going indie.

How to Apply for an Internship

It sounds simple, but I often receive questions related to the "how" of applying for an internship.

Setup a Faraday Proxy

A slick monkey patch to pass all Faraday traffic through a proxy.

A Hacker's Guide to Health Insurance in the USA

A few phone calls saved me $400 dollars.

In Pursuit of Independence

Imagine a world where anyone can make a living doing what they love.

The Annoyance of Detail

Apple's Way or the highway

Courage and Fear

The quietness of the masses yells fear.

A New Beginning

A new beginning, one without a fixed end.

Defining Success

Success is having the life you want to have.

Do Company Values Matter?

Making company values more than a piece of paper.

Hours, Technical Debt, and Company Culture

Hours don't measure performance, and caring about them is dangerous.

Decaying Documentation

Don't comment your code; write readable code.

Thoughts on Jobs

Rather than thinking about Jobs, let's think about how we think about Jobs.

Startups aren't for everyone

If you're playing the startup game just to get lucky at the end, you're out of luck.

Manage Resque Job Queues in YAML

Ruby metaprogramming + Resque + YAML = one slick configuration file.

Next and Previous Links in Nanoc

How to add next and previous links to a post using Nanoc

Hiring Beginning Programmers

There are plenty of guides to hiring rockstar developers, but how do you tell if someone has potential.

Digital Attachments

Digical possessions take up space, it's just not in your garage.

Setup Nginx on Joyent's Solaris SmartMachine

A guide to setting up Nginx on a Joyent SmartMachine.

Password Protect Nginx Virtualhost

A simple guide to enable basic authentication for an Nginx virtualhost.

How I (almost) got an internship at Google

I had a (well, three) interviews with Google for a summer internship position and lived to tell the tale.

Printing a hardcopy of source code in LaTeX

A short guide to printing source code files inline using LaTeX.

A (Complete) Guide to Running Django on Joyent Shared Accelerators using Virtualenv, pip, git, and NginX

A guide to installing a Django application on a Joyent Shared Accelerator inside a Virtualenv using pip, git and NginX

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