The Short Version:

Use a bind in the stats block and append ssl crt /path/to/ssl.pem so you’d have something like:

bind *:50000 ssl crt /etc/ssl/mysite_com.pem

The Long Version:

I use HAProxy as a load balancer and SSL/TLS terminator. It has a nice stats feature with useful information. However, most stats configurations and examples are over unencrypted HTTP. This is fine if it is only available via a private network. But HAProxy is usually a front-end load balancer so it is often accessible across the dangerous open internet. And if you are using Basic Auth user authentication for your HAProxy stats over HTTP then anyone can easily see the Username/Password combo that you are using sending in, effectively comprising the authentication.

So I want my stats to be over HTTPS just like everything else. I went out in search of this and didn’t find much information, so I thought this would be useful to other people (and my future self.)

All the config for the load balancing and SSL termination live in a haproxy.cfg file.

To enable stats over SSL you can simply add ssl crt /path/to/ssl.pem to your bind statement in the stats declaration block.

listen stats
  bind *:50000 ssl crt /etc/ssl/mysite_com.pem
  mode http
  stats enable
  stats hide-version
  stats realm Haproxy\ Statistics
  stats uri /stats
  stats auth username:password

Here I setup the stats interface to listen on all IPs over port 50000. I also set the URL of the stats site to /stats and setup basic auth. Since I already have an SSL certificate for my website, I can use that for the stats page also. If I access the stats site by the IP address of my server like I will get an SSL warning mismatch. This is actually fine because I can verify that the certificate is valid and is my own. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could just make this a valid certificate?

Well, we actually can with zero work. Since my DNS entry for my site resolves to the HAProxy load balancer I can just append the specific port to my domain and get access with my valid certificate:

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